Worst Celebrity Gamblers

It is a common fact that many celebrities do indeed play a lot of these celebrities were closed and won some top tournaments. The celebrities who are involved in the world of gambling, are involved in a social manner and often rent private rooms at top casinos or themselves actively involved in online gambling websites. These celebrities play for fun but also as a means to improve their skills.
In general, the celebrities who are involved in the world of gambling, are good in the games that they play, like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon at poker. In fact, many of the top celebrities who participate in the various games of chance to be recognized by the professional players as a good competition. But on the flip side of this, there are unfortunately a handful of celebrities who are the exact opposite, these celebrities are classified as some of the worst celebrity players, but what exactly, whether someone is a good player or a bad one?
The answer to the above question is obvious if someone loses money when they gamble, and the manner in which they are, for example, perform during the game when you are playing poker determined, you need to have a good poker face. Aspects such as this really be a matter of course; Basically, you need to be tactful, and you need to make sure that you understand the game that you are playing, take some time to get the rules inside and out to learn, especially if you play for money.
Many of the celebrities who are involved in the world of gambling, are often involved in it for this very reason; to play for money. In most cases, this is not really a problem, but there have been cases in which certain celebrities have gambled money and end up losing it, take Michael Jordan, for example, he will lose $ 1 million to only one round of golf what has led to Michael Jordan is thought of as one of the worst celebrity players, along with golfer John Daly, who is said playfully between $ 50 million and have $ 60.
The list of the worst celebrity player is one that could go on and on, even the top players have their days, but the reason why people like Michael Jordan and John Daly are considered some of the worst celebrities that play is except for the fact of how much money they actually lost in one go. In cases like this the person who accepts the bet is a massive risk, one that ideally should only be attempted if you are pretty sure you win it.
Celebrity Gambling is a past time and social event that more than ever, celebrities are getting involved, each have with their own skills and favorite matches and to participate with a few exceptions of bad decisions and horrible gambling choices are many celebrities actually pretty good on them.
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