Professional gambling – So you want to be a Pro

Professional gambling – So you want to be a Pro Gambler?

So you are thinking about becoming a professional player. She wished simply extra beer money for the weekend; paid for a holiday, a little more money in the bank, or go the full program and a full-time professional player, or just a semi-pro is that money from gambling, but still keep a job?

Whichever it is, there are a number of things that you must first understand.

The vast majority of people gambling in the hope that they attract a large wad of money, and although this occasionally happens, I can cause you do not really know that many people, which is enough to win on (except the lottery) retirement have. In fact, you probably know very few, if any, the break even in reality, much less by those who profit. According to Betfair records, only 0.7% make more than 15,000 a year.

The imagination of the big profit from gambling clouds that reality, and the reality is that I should make clear at first, and get to understand before you make your own money from a bet.

To do this, you should be ready, most of what you know to be put out of your mind on betting, and start the learning process all over again. If you are one of those players, the children themselves, that you win, or at least break even, of course, you have to ignore everything.

Professional gambling is a full-time career. For some reason, people have the impression that we are sitting on a tropical beach, with champagne, and telephone in the odd bet to Britain. This wins, and pays for another year of luxury. In the words of Derek Thompson Ho Ho Ho!

Let me say, I am aware of many professional players and not an ever happened of them close to such a fantasy, but in reality we are happy to manage a vacation as a UK horse racing, over 360 days a year, with much more to come night races, including the new floodlit tracks, means that extra hours of work. Of course we do not have to do it, but it’s a passion that you rarely get another job. How often do you have to die out of bed to start the work to jump? I do every day.

I personally put in about 10-14 hours a day, study form, to research markets, work-out systems, bets, just the race itself, updating my web pages, etc. I rarely get any time, have a night. This is the realism of professional gambling.

Take a peak at the professional poker players, yes, they paid a lot of money, have a nice house, but they make the majority of spending their lives traveling to tournaments around the planet your 50th 5.000 miles flight, appearances, and then the year is not funny anymore. Additionally, tournaments can last 3-5 days, so you can sit at the table, playing only the odd side for 12 + hours a day, in a room full of people smoking sweating, Annie Duke apart!

However, we do not know, because we want to; we do, how we love it. When the time comes, when I wake up in the morning and say I can not be bothered with him today, I would grab it, but I did not see any time soon that day.

So if your willing to put in the hours, you may be able to pay do gamble, but it’s a long way, and you will make many mistakes, and mistakes can prove to be extremely costly in this business.

Notice I said is the word business? This is very important as professional gambling must be performed as a company, or you will likely fail. You have to bet banks, logs of every bet and play, betting exchange accounts, bookmakers, etc. You must be able to track every penny / cent that passes through a bookmaker or exchange, and would kept in such an accountant to thank you for that.

If you’re just looking to develop in Semi-Pro in order to add a bit of cash your wages, or simply want to earn beer money, you still have to treat it as if it is a business. You can then see at a glance what you are good at, what you let down, and take steps to improve. If you simply want to bet only fun, then you need not bother with records, but it is to have a meaningful habit, but sure bets also a separate betting bank for fun.

So you have to have it, you have an idea of what life is really like if you want to profit from betting.